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Improving the school security

After hours there aren't many people on our school site, which can make it a popular place for teenagers and the homeless to hang out. We've had some issues recently with vandalism on the weekend and it seemed like it might be useful to improve some our security around the school. Once we installed some CCTV cameras, upgraded our security systems and increased the number of patrols around the school after hours, the vandalism problem plummeted, so we've actually saved a lot of money through those investments. This blog is all about improving school security systems to manage vandalism and other issues.


Home security systems for the deaf

6 June 2016
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Deafness is a condition that can lead to a number of problems. One of those is that it may place you in danger if you fail to notice an emergency or take the necessary steps in that emergency. Unfortunately, some alarm systems only use sound as the major communicating channel. That's why you need to ensure you get a more suitable system if you're deaf. Alarming systems can be the line between life and death. Read More …

Why Install Home Security Cameras?

25 April 2016
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Every homeowner wants to make sure that their property is protected from thieves and burglars all the time but not many know what to do in that line. These days, there is a broad range of residential security solutions offered on the market, making it somewhat difficult for a homeowner to make a decision on what security package can work best to protect their property. Security camera systems are one of the most sought after security systems today. Read More …

The Best Features of Today’s Home Security Systems

12 April 2016
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A home security system today is usually more than just an alarm that sounds when the door is opened unexpectedly; a security system can keep your home safe from more than intruders and give you more control over its security than you may realize. Note a few features of today's home security systems you may want to include in your system when it's time to have a new one installed or to upgrade your current system. Read More …

How to Choose Sliding Security Doors for Your Home

17 September 2015
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Many homeowners opt for security doors for their front and back entryways but then ignore or overlook the sliding doors that lead to a patio or outside deck. These doors are often very vulnerable, as the glass is easy to break and the locks are usually very lightweight and easy to force open. A sliding security door can be the right option for this area of your home, keeping you secure while still allowing full access to the outdoor space. Read More …

Don’t Ignore These 2 Signs that Your Home Needs an Electrician

28 April 2015
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Your home's power doesn't need to fail completely for it to need the services of an electrical contractor, as often there are certain repairs that need to be done even if you're still getting power to the outlets. Ignoring signs of these needed repairs can mean allowing them to get worse, and in some cases it can also lead to the increased risk of electrical fire. Note some common signs that your home needs the services of an electrician and why it's so important that you call an electrical contractor as soon as you notice these signs. Read More …