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After hours there aren't many people on our school site, which can make it a popular place for teenagers and the homeless to hang out. We've had some issues recently with vandalism on the weekend and it seemed like it might be useful to improve some our security around the school. Once we installed some CCTV cameras, upgraded our security systems and increased the number of patrols around the school after hours, the vandalism problem plummeted, so we've actually saved a lot of money through those investments. This blog is all about improving school security systems to manage vandalism and other issues.


Commercial Security Systems: Top Features to Have In Your Surveillance Cameras

28 February 2017
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Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, security is paramount. Luckily, your security system can be as simple or as complicated as you would like, as there are a multitude of features that you could choose to incorporate into it. One of the main features that tends to be a staple for most commercial security systems is surveillance cameras. Nevertheless, simply purchasing surveillance cameras and mounting them will not ensure that you have beefed up the security of your premises. Read More …