Home security systems for the deaf

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Home security systems for the deaf

6 June 2016
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Deafness is a condition that can lead to a number of problems. One of those is that it may place you in danger if you fail to notice an emergency or take the necessary steps in that emergency. Unfortunately, some alarm systems only use sound as the major communicating channel. That's why you need to ensure you get a more suitable system if you're deaf. Alarming systems can be the line between life and death. So if you're looking for a home security alarm system or another alarming device, here are some features you need to consider having.

Vibration systems

One major emergency situation you need to guard yourself against is against fires. However, the smoke detectors should not produce an alarming sound alone. That won't help you much. Go for the ones with extra features such as a vibration mechanism that you install next to your pillow.

A vibration system can also be installed alongside your security system. You'll then have to carry a portable device in your pocket that vibrates whenever a security breach occurs.

Notification alert

Another helpful home security measure is a text message alert feature. Such a system can detect entry of a burglar and instantly call or text you if any doors are opened or a motion detector is triggered.

Apart from a text message alert, you could go for a system that you actively monitor using your smartphone. You could even view live footage of what's happening in your home straight from your smartphone.

Install a strobe light alarm

Strobe light alarms serve the same purpose as the sound alarms. They are normally installed in open areas of your home where they can be easily seen by inhabitants, neighbours or thieves. A strobe light is normally very large, so you'll easily spot it when it goes off. Additionally, install these lights in every room that you visit frequently. Normally, if the strobe continues goes off after a certain time frame, the police are alerted.

TTY (Text Telephone) capability

Apart from knowing when a security breach has occurred, you also need to properly communicate with the police. Choose a security system that has an integrated TTY device. This is simply a device that enables police and the deaf to communicate with each other. It translates a person's speech into writing so that messages can be read and transmitted from both sides. A TTY device is particularly handy to communicate false alarms to the cops when the cat knocks over the motion detector.