Business Security Systems | 3 Nifty Guidelines To Tackle 'Time Thieving' Employees Surfing The Internet During Work Hours

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Business Security Systems | 3 Nifty Guidelines To Tackle 'Time Thieving' Employees Surfing The Internet During Work Hours

9 September 2016
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While business security systems are usually set up to catch or deter hard criminals from stealing important resources from your office, every so often, they throw new light on the way your employees behave at work with the right office and Internet surveillance features. Knowing how employees spend time can help you take steps to prevent staff unproductivity. A Griffith University study revealed that nearly 50 percent of Internet usage in Australian offices is personal. Follow these guidelines when handling 'time thieving' employees surfing the Internet during working hours.

Make Sure You Have Enough Evidence To Discuss The Issue With Your Employee

In your anger at your employee's misconduct, it's easy to fly off the handle and turn a bad situation into something disastrous. The first thing you need to do is to stay calm because your temper tantrum will hardly help you find a resolution to the situation. Put the situation into perspective and pay attention to whether this is an ongoing or one-off problem with the employee. For instance, perhaps the employee realised that a child's school fee was overdue. Business security systems with cameras and Internet monitoring features can help you understand more about the habits of your employee. This will equip you with enough evidence to discuss the situation calmly.

Consider How You Want To Deal With The Situation

Think of the best way to deal with the situation as a rational employer. After all, you don't want it to seem like you're suspicious of the way your employees behave at work because you could create a mistrustful office atmosphere –– opening up a whole new can of worms. For first time offences, a simple warning should suffice. If the situation continues, you may have to consider more serious action like suspension or even termination. This may need careful consideration, especially if the unproductivity of the employee is affecting others at the office.

Be Cognisant Of How You Communicate With The Employee

When communicating with your employees about their Internet behaviour or when issuing warnings, be cognisant of the method of delivery because you don't want to open yourself up for preventable litigations later. For instance, if you terminate an employee for excessive unproductivity due to Internet usage, be clear in your communication and explain how the employee violated any policies you may have set in place for your business. Make sure you communicate the number of warnings that were given before drastic action was taken. The more attention you pay to communication, the better you will be at mitigating legal risks to your business.

Business security systems with office and Internet surveillance features can be crucial to maintaining productivity of your workforce, so you may want to invest in them for your overall profitability.