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Improving the school security

After hours there aren't many people on our school site, which can make it a popular place for teenagers and the homeless to hang out. We've had some issues recently with vandalism on the weekend and it seemed like it might be useful to improve some our security around the school. Once we installed some CCTV cameras, upgraded our security systems and increased the number of patrols around the school after hours, the vandalism problem plummeted, so we've actually saved a lot of money through those investments. This blog is all about improving school security systems to manage vandalism and other issues.


Benefits of Installing a Security System from a Certified Channel Partner

8 July 2021
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Security is a pertinent issue for business owners. A company with a robust security system is attractive to prospective employees, customers and investors. Therefore, you must make careful considerations regarding the security system to install on your premises. While a local security systems store might stock the hardware and software components you need, you should not settle for any service provider. Notably, a certified channel partner is recommended when installing security systems. Read More …

Security Cameras: Three Important Tips for Commercial Product Selection

23 March 2021
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The performance of your security cameras will determine the level of protection provided to your business. Good cameras will provide clear images which can be used in identifying intruders and resolving incidents in the workplace. Moreover, the units could reduce the risk of people committing illicit acts on your commercial premises. However, you must remember that the quality of the installed cameras on the market varies, and the selected product will influence overall performance. Read More …

Two signs that you should replace your premises’ CCTV system

18 August 2020
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If your premises' CCTV system is several years old and you're considering replacing it, here are some signs that this is the right thing to do. The system's poor picture quality has made a recent break-in hard to solve If your CCTV system is a bit old, the cameras' picture quality will probably be quite poor and might not always provide you with the visual information you need when security issues arise. Read More …

The Risks of Having No Alarm System on Your Construction Site

27 September 2019
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A commercial alarm system is an essential on any construction site, deterring criminal activity and ensuring any suspicious behaviour gets a quick response. Not sure why? Here are the major risks of not having a commercial alarm system for your construction site. Your Materials Could Get Stolen To most everyday people, a construction site looks like a mess of materials with little value. To a thief, however, your construction site represents tens or hundreds thousands of dollars in materials resale. Read More …

2 Ways to Protect Your Store From Shoplifters

13 September 2018
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If you run a business, you will understand the threat posed by shoplifters. Every year, a lot of money is lost by Australian retailers who are targeted by thieves who wish to steal goods from their stores. However, there are steps you can take to protect your staff and your business from the threats posed by those who wish to steal from your company. Below is a guide which will help you to improve the security profile of your retail business. Read More …