Three Lesser-Known Benefits of Security Cameras

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After hours there aren't many people on our school site, which can make it a popular place for teenagers and the homeless to hang out. We've had some issues recently with vandalism on the weekend and it seemed like it might be useful to improve some our security around the school. Once we installed some CCTV cameras, upgraded our security systems and increased the number of patrols around the school after hours, the vandalism problem plummeted, so we've actually saved a lot of money through those investments. This blog is all about improving school security systems to manage vandalism and other issues.


Three Lesser-Known Benefits of Security Cameras

23 February 2022
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Residential burglaries and break-ins are often costly and emotionally-trying events for homeowners. However, thanks to the security camera invention, homeowners can feel more secure. On the face of it, most homeowners will tell you that they understand the benefits of installing security systems, particularly cameras, in their homes. Notably, most homeowners only know the common benefits of installing securing cameras, including reduced crime rates, peace of mind and improved property values. However, these are by no means the only benefits. This article highlights the unique benefits of installing security cameras.

Reduced Home Insurance

Homeownership is continuously becoming a pipe dream for most Aussies. For instance, homeownership with and without a mortgage has increased by 7% and reduced by 10% over the last 20 years. Increased lending costs are just one of the reasons for the trend. Thus, homeowners are encouraged to buy home insurance to protect their investment. However, did you know that home insurance costs vary? Most property owners are unaware that the same insurer can charge different premiums to similar homes in the same neighbourhood. Notably, insurers must inspect a client's home to determine potential risks and customise the policy. In this regard, the insurance cost of a house with security cameras is low since the system reduces risks. On the other hand, a home without security cameras is an easy target for burglars. Consequently, you are likely to pay more in insurance premiums.

Community Policing Initiatives

Community or neighbourhood policing is a security strategy that focuses on developing and fostering relationships between the community and law enforcement agencies. Recently, security companies realised they have a significant role in community-based policing. Today, different security companies liaise with neighbourhoods by analysing critical data from their systems and drawing patterns to help law enforcement keep crime rates low. For instance, some security companies have created online community platforms that allow public safety agencies to alert the community of incidences within their neighbourhood. Residents can then look at their camera footage and provide helpful feedback.

Monitor Utilities

How many times have you left the porch or hall light on and only realised it when you got back home? Most homeowners have fallen victim, which is why smart homes are increasingly becoming popular today. Smart homes allow remote access by homeowners via user-friendly mobile platforms. Thus, security cameras can help you manage electricity bills with minimal effort. For instance, if you have left for work and forgot to switch off the lights or turn off the heater, you can log onto your integrated security system and switch everything off.

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