Security Cameras: Three Important Tips for Commercial Product Selection

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Security Cameras: Three Important Tips for Commercial Product Selection

23 March 2021
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The performance of your security cameras will determine the level of protection provided to your business. Good cameras will provide clear images which can be used in identifying intruders and resolving incidents in the workplace. Moreover, the units could reduce the risk of people committing illicit acts on your commercial premises. However, you must remember that the quality of the installed cameras on the market varies, and the selected product will influence overall performance. Therefore, consider the below-outlined guidelines before choosing and purchasing new commercial security cameras.

Think About the Environment

Security cameras should cover the entire commercial premises for optimal protection. Unfortunately, this could involve placing the units in areas that are hostile to gadgets. It is important to consider this issue before purchasing your cameras. For instance, if you will install some of the cameras in an exposed outdoor area, you should make sure that the acquired product is watertight and weatherproof. If you will install cameras in a hot area like a kitchen, consider the maximum temperature at which the unit can operate. Additionally, ensure that there is suitable housing to minimise infiltration of dirt and grime into the cameras.

Plan for Power Problems

There is no guarantee that there will be no power outage on your commercial property. In simple terms, bad weather and even sophisticated intruders can cause the electrical supply to be cut off. If you do not have a backup for your cameras, you will be left without evidence in case of theft, property damage or other incidents. Therefore, it is advisable to consider investing in some cameras with batteries. These will be able to keep operating for a period even without a direct connection to electrical power. Keep in mind that some security cameras might not have backup battery options. If this is the case, you might need to invest in a secondary power source like a storage battery or generator.

Consider Thermal Cameras

Finally, when purchasing security cameras, you should think about enhancing the level of general convenience in your building. One of the features which can streamline your security is a thermal imaging camera. As implied, this type of product is designed and built to allow for the detection of unusual skin temperature. This real-time screening could help in managing cases of infectious diseases on your premises. Moreover, you will reduce the manpower required for temperature check-ups. If you are interested in thermal imaging cameras, opt for internally-cooled products for prolonged service and increased accuracy in temperature readings.