The Risks of Having No Alarm System on Your Construction Site

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The Risks of Having No Alarm System on Your Construction Site

27 September 2019
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A commercial alarm system is an essential on any construction site, deterring criminal activity and ensuring any suspicious behaviour gets a quick response. Not sure why? Here are the major risks of not having a commercial alarm system for your construction site.

Your Materials Could Get Stolen

To most everyday people, a construction site looks like a mess of materials with little value. To a thief, however, your construction site represents tens or hundreds thousands of dollars in materials resale. These days, there are rings of thieves who know how to pick untraceable materials from a construction site, get away with them and sell them on for a higher price. While Australia does not have its own statistics on the matter, £770 million a year is lost to metal theft alone in the UK, and construction sites are a major target. Alarm systems are a great way to deter these thieves; most would rather target another site than risk getting caught by your alarms. And, if they do take the risk, your alarm system will alert the authorities to their presence, increasing the chances of catching them before they get away with your materials.

Your Materials Could Get Damaged

When thieves target your construction site, another risk you face is damage. Thieves will dismantle or remove materials as quickly as possible. This often causes huge amounts of damage to the roofing, walls and flooring left behind. Without an alarm system, not only do you risk losing money in stolen materials, but you also risk having to pay the cost of repairing all the damage left behind.

Your Employees Could Get Hurt

It's also worth noting that damage to your construction site can put your employees at risk. If equipment is tampered with, whether by professional thieves or young vandals, it's at greater risk of failing and causing a serious accident. The same goes for materials—a platform that was once safe to stand on could become very dangerous after materials have been stolen from it. Having no alarm system gives trespassers the freedom to enter your site and wreak havoc with your daily operation, increasing hazards that could cost you a lot in employee medical bills—or even cost you an employee's life.

You'll Face Higher Insurance Costs

Since having no alarm system puts your construction site at greater risk of crime, insurance companies will be much more sceptical about covering you. They know that unsecured sites are more likely to make a claim on their insurance, so they drastically increase the cost of insurance premiums for those applications. Some insurance companies will even completely refuse to cover a construction site without an alarm system. And, if you do experience a break-in and claim on your insurance, your premium will go up even further for several years.